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 (1)     Pakistan CAA being National Aviation Regulator of Pakistan is entrusted to ensure a high and uniform level of Civil Aviation Safety in Pakistan by adoption and implementation of Safety Rules and Regulations. Therefore, in pursuance of Rule 271, 271(A)(1) and 271(A)(2) of Civil Aviation Rules 1994, the Director General is pleased to establish Voluntary Incident/ Hazard Reporting system (Hereinafter referred to as “The System”) to facilitate collection of such information that may not be received under the mandatory incident reporting requirements. The System shall be non-punitive and shall also afford protection to the source of such information.

 (2)     The System is meant to enable the individual(s) to voluntarily report to PCAA, Hazards / Incidents compromising the aviation Safety and shall ensure:

  1. protection, subject to law and applicable procedures, of the source of information received through such reporting
  2. protection to the said individual(s), subject to law and applicable procedures, against all adverse consequences for their reporting made in good faith.

 (3)     The report of any hazard/incident/accident/occurrence received through the System shall only be forwarded for effective and adequate necessary action to the concerned functions / departments after de-identification of reporter’s identity.

 (4)     This voluntary incident / hazard reports shall not, in any manner whatsoever, replace the normal (mandatory) accident / incident / hazard / occurrence reporting lines established under various National Regulations / Procedures related to aviation professionals, for the time, being in force.


 (5)     The Reporter shall ensure that the information being reported is relevant to safety of Civil Aviation operations. PCAA shall not take any action on any report unless and until the report contains information which falls under the domain of Stake holders related to Aviation Operation and if the stated matter is correlative to safety of Civil Aviation Activities and/ or occupational health and safety related issues only.

 (6)     The Reporter must ensure that the given information is not obscene, malicious, biased, frivolous, based on false statement / allegations against any individual or organization, religiously & ethnically inappropriate, and against National Interest / Integrity / Security of State. Such reports shall not only be closed / deleted at once but the author / reporter shall also be criminally prosecuted under law of land.


 (7)     After receipt of the report, the reporter may be contacted by PCAA for any further information for purpose of additional information, substantiation of the facts and/or clarification (if any), which is why including your email address and cell phone number in the voluntary hazard / incident reporting portal, is mandatory. This must not be construed as disclosure of identity to any party within and outside PCAA. Name, Email ID*, and contact address / number shall strictly be kept confidential, unless the Reporter chooses otherwise. Any personal Information of the Reporter shall not be made open in any circumstances. PCAA will seek Reporter’s consent for disclosure / transfer of your credentials to the responsible department, if any necessity arises.

 (8)     Notwithstanding the foregoing, copying or reproduction of the software contents and/ or its fields to any other party or location for further reproduction or redistribution and /or intent to sell/ export any such information and template obtained from PCAA website / online hazard reporting portal is expressly prohibited.


 (9)     PCAA reserves all the rights to accept/ disregard the reported matter and block Reporter’s Email ID upon violation of the terms and conditions.

Addl Director SQMS (APS/ANS), HQCAA, Karachi:
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Director SQMS, HQCAA, Karachi:
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